Looking through the ‘right’ way to build a website, I noticed that if I promote a product I have to be totally transparent with the visitor and explain that if someone clicks on a link on my website, goes to the product and buys it, I may get a commission for sending them there.

That’s fair enough, I don’t want to break any rules and end up in court! So, to be totally clear here:

  • I have built a website around Xtreme NO. I have used this product and found it to be, in my own experience, worthy of recommending.
  • I have put links to the Xtreme NO official website in my content in order for the visitor to go to where the product is available to purchase.
  • If the visitor buys the product from the official website AND has landed there because they clicked on a link from my skinnytomuscle.co.uk website, I will earn a payment, as commission, from Xtreme NO for sending the visitor,
  • The potential buyer will not pay more for the product even if they got to the Xtreme NO website through a link placed on my website.

I hope that’s plain and clear. It’s called an affiliate link which means I applied to join a network company, in this case MarketHealth, which contain products that are only available to buy online. I will then choose a product, in this case Xtreme NO, to promote and receive an affiliate link, in this case http://www.lnk123.com/aff_c?offer_id=1801&aff_id=24580, which I then put on my website when I want someone to click on that link, and hopefully receive a commission if the visitor goes on to purchase that product.

I think you will find I have gone beyond what most ‘affiliate marketers’ would admit to, but being transparent in today’s online shopping world is a good thing.

Remember, you won’t pay more from buying through any of the links on my website.

Thanks, and have a great day!

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